Aug 29, 2014

3 Quick Questions and Answers About Alzheimer's

Asked and answered: How Alzheimer's Works, Does Alzheimer's Cause Hallucinations?, Does Alzheimer's Cause Death?,  and how to search our knowledge base for answers to your question.

By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

Questions and Answers About Alzheimer's

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1. How Alzheimer's Works

The brain absorbs information, holds it in short-term memory, and then converts short-term to long-term memory. This complex process depends on the ability of neurons to communicate with each other, and is disrupted by the onset and progression of Alzheimer's.

How the Loss of Memory Works in Alzheimer’s Disease, and How Understanding This Could Help You


2. Does Alzheimer's Cause Hallucinations?

Delirium, which occurs suddenly, is not the same as dementia, although individuals with dementia are more susceptible to developing delirium during hospitalization than individuals without dementia.

Alzheimer's, Delirium, and Urinary Tract Infection


3. Does Alzheimer's Cause Death?

Answer from Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN:

This is an important point, Dennis. Alzheimer's does not kill a person directly. You're not going to find Alzheimer's, for example, as a cause of death on a death certificate.

What happens as the disease progresses is controlling a lot of your body's functions simply becomes more difficult; things like eating, going to the bathroom, walking, even swallowing become a problem. And if you're not eating and you're not moving around, infections can set in. Blood clots can form as well. Your immune system starts to get weaker, putting your body at higher risk for infection – an example of this is pneumonia.

So basically the complications from Alzheimer’s disease are what ultimately take a person's life. I hope this helps.

How Do Alzheimer's Patients Die?

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