Jun 9, 2015

The Secrets of Getting a Person Living with Alzheimer's to Take Shower

One of the biggest problems I faced as an Alzheimer's caregiver was how to convince my mother she needed to take a shower. The harder I tried to convince her, the worse it became.

By Bob De Marco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

Getting a Person Living with Alzheimer's to Take a Bath or Shower | Alzheimer's Reading Room

Do you have this problem?

Getting a person living with Alzheimer's or a related dementia to take a bath or shower?

For me this was one of the most difficult and vexing problems I faced. To be honest, it was driving me crazy at times.

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1. Alzheimer's and the Dreaded Shower

Let me tell you, when I get done with Dotty she looks like a freshly washed and waxed car. She is squeaky clean. I also condition her hair and give her chin a shave.

2. How to Get An Alzheimer's Patient to Take a Bath

Doctors recommend older adults shower or bathe a minimum of twice a week to reduce the chance of infection (especially UTI’s in women). If you can get them to bathe more, kudos to you. If not, be satisfied with twice a week, unless another medical condition demands more frequent bathing.

3. Is Water Invisible and Disconcerting to Dementia Patients?

Do Alzheimer's patients fear water? Is water nearly invisible to Alzheimer's patients? Does water disorient Alzheimer's patient and make them feel anxious or confused?

Big tip. Once you break the bad pattern, and replace it with a new pattern, you are home free and on to the solving the next problem.

4. Be a Guide

The effort to explain, cajole, or convince a person who is deeply forgetful is often met with frustration on the part of the Alzheimer's caregiver; and, complete and total recalcitrance and refusal on the part of the person living with dementia.

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