Aug 13, 2014

Palliative Care Is Not Hospice

This is truly great information that the public needs to know! - Carole Larkin

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Carole Larkin found this information of importance and wants to share this with the entire elder care, and Alzheimer's dementia community.
Dr. Robert Fine has a story he tells to serve a pair of purposes:

One, it illustrates how the palliative care program he leads at Baylor differs from hospice care. 
Two, it shows how new the specialty is, so fresh that a real-life incident can modify the specialty itself. 
Palliative care  is a personalized end-of-life support program that designs a personalized treatment strategy to help the patient live out their waning months or years how they want to.

It also extends to the family members, offering social workers and chaplains as resources to help process losing a loved one.

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