Sep 3, 2014

1 Phenomenal Alzheimer's Story

"In the early hours of the morning, the old man wakes, certain that he has forgotten something. He walks into the bathroom and is puzzled by the new tiling and fixtures. He looks around, vaguely recognizing the space and its utility. He can’t remember why he’s come. He examines the many objects next to the sink. He picks up a green-handled thing with prickle thingies, squeezes a gooey something onto it. He looks into the mirror and is frozen with horror."

Alzheimer's Reading Room

I'll try to make this simple, I really believe you should take the time to read this story written by Kent Russell.

Phenomenal Alzheimer's Story

The title of the article should be -

Alzheimer's Will Define Us

So the bottom line, I am strongly suggesting you read the article.

The author deserves the attention of the Alzheimer's community. He clearly gave this story a great deal of effort.

I would also suggest sharing the article broadly in the Alzheimer's and dementia community -

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