Oct 26, 2014

“Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me” | A Farewell to His Fans and Himself

“The more we learned about Alzheimer’s, the more we wanted to shine a light on it and the more we became aware of the potential of this movie to be a catalyst for change.” -- Kim Campbell

By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

Glen Campbell

I just finished reading an excellent article in the New York Times about Glen Campbell. The article is about Glen and the movie, I'll Be Me.

Dr. Ronald C. Petersen of the Mayo Clinic, who diagnosed Mr. Campbell’s disease and is also chairman of a national Alzheimer’s advisory council says in the article,
“One of our biggest struggles is still getting people to acknowledge this disease,” he added. “So we need to embrace this and say he didn’t do anything wrong in his life to bring this on, that this can happen to virtually anyone.”
The author notes that the film is starting to get some Oscar's buzz.

Take a look at the movie trailor below and visit the New York Times to read thein depth article

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“Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me” opens Oct. 24, and is a behind-the-scenes record of both his final tour and of the difficult struggles Mr. Campbell and his family face while they battle against Alzheimer's disease.

Read about Glen Campbell and the movie in the New York Times -

A Farewell to His Fans and Himself

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