Dec 10, 2014

Motion Detector for Alzheimer's Patients, Get Some Sleep and Reduce Anxiety

By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room


We actually received this interesting comment from our reader Beth S under the article - How Alzheimer's Patients Experience Cognitive Decline.
We use a driveway alarm which is much less expensive than the ones sold for medical purposes. It is a motion sensor type of alarm.
I bought mine on Amazon for about $15 but I think you can probably get one at most hardware stores.
We use the sensor units in the bedroom at floor level so that whenever either of my parents tries to get out of bed I am alerted. The alarm unit can be carried around with me or placed wherever it is most useful, preferably not where the sound will scare the patient.
We have also used a "bedcane" with success. Search Amazon to check it out. It wasn't cheap.
I would recommend a raised toilet seat as well as support rails attached to the toilet. These are useful throughout many stages.
I know that where I live, there are organizations who will lend you some of this equipment. You might check that out. Hospice and the local Senior center are good resources.
Good luck!

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I am not sure which motion sensor Beth selected but here is a good example that I found on Amazon that sells for $26.99. It looks like it could be used on the floor and for doorways, etc.

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