Dec 8, 2014

Old And Overmedicated - The Real Drug Problem with Dementia In Nursing Homes

It is one of our worst fears that we have for our parents or ourselves - that we will end up in a nursing home, drugged into a stupor. It could happen to you and it is happening to more than 300,000 nursing home residents living with dementia.

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I wanted to alert you to this new story that was published by NPR today.

Overmedicated in Nursing Homes | Azlehimer's Reading Room

It's one of the worst fears we have for our parents or for ourselves: that we, or they, will end up in a nursing home, drugged into a stupor. And that fear is not entirely unreasonable. 

Almost 300,000 nursing home residents are currently receiving antipsychotic drugs, usually to suppress the anxiety or aggression that can go with Alzheimer's disease and other dementia.

Antipsychotics, however, are approved mainly to treat serious mental illnesses like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. 

When it comes to dementia patients, the drugs have a black box warning, saying that they can increase the risk for heart failure, infections and death.

None of this was on Marie Sherman's mind when her family decided that her mother, 73-year-old Beatrice DeLeon, would be better off in a nursing facility near her home in Sonora, Calif. It wasn't because of her Alzheimer's disease, explains Sherman — it was because her mother had had some falls.


Old And Overmedicated: The Real Drug Problem In Nursing Homes

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