Jan 23, 2015

Dementia Patient Comes Alive and Shows Real Emotion

Alzheimer's Patient Sings Yes Sir Your My Baby With Parrot

Alzheimer's Patient Sings Yes Sir Your My Baby With Parrot

Jeannemarie -- Our Good Friend
Petey -- the Shy Parrot
Harvey -- Dotty's Best Friend

The video starts getting interesting around the 50 second mark. Eventually Dotty will start singing and laughing.

Check out Harvey below, how to find him and how he can provide you with respite care.

By Bob DeMarco

He might not look like much in the image. But he is powerful and will provide you with hours of stress free respite. 

Most caregivers assume this parrot won't work for them. In almost every case, over 600 caregivers, it worked. 

You might pay about $20 for one hour of respite care. You can buy this parrot for around $20. By my own estimate this parrot provided me with about 3,000 hours of respite care at a cost of less than one cent (.006) per hour.


Click on Me to Find Me

Toy Improves Mood and Behavior in Alzheimer's Patient

Worth A Try – Surprises Await -- Does the Parrot Work?

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