Jan 9, 2015

Judge delivers blow to maker of Alzheimer's drug Namenda

This 2 minute video frames the issue surrounding drug maker Actavis' attempt to force Alzheimer's patients to buy a much more expensive version of the drug Namenda.

This video is worth watching and sharing with everyone you know in the Alzheimer's community.

Judge delivers blow to maker of Alzheimer's drug Namenda

By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

A judge has forced Actavis to continue selling 10 mg Namenda inspite of their attempt to take it off the market and switch to the more expensive version of the drug Namenda XR.

The 10 mg version of Namenda is scheduled to become generic in July, 2015. Shortly thereafter the drug is expected to fall in price by 70-80 percent.

We were paying more than $250 a month when Aricept went generic. You can now purchase a year supply of the drug for just over $100.

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