Feb 18, 2015

Congratulations Leeza Gibbons! The Celebrity Apprentice Champion

By Bob DeMarco
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Leeza Gibbons | Alzheimer's Reading Room
"Mom always told me to stay in my lane and focus on my own race. That's what I tried to do,” says Leeza Gibbons.

“My goal was simple to show the kind of strength my mother had as she battled Alzheimer's disease and to honor those families who are care-giving. I hope I did.

With my winnings from the show, Donald Trump has made it possible for me to open a new Leeza’s Care Connection in my hometown of Columbia, South Carolina.  
Thank you to the Trump family, Mark Burnett and his incredible production team, NBC and all of my cast mates for making this a once in a lifetime experience."  

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TV personality Leeza Gibbons and journalist Geraldo Rivera join Carson Daly to talk about being the last two standing on “Celebrity Apprentice.” Gibbons was the victor. “My feet still aren’t touching the ground,” she says.

Star and executive producer, Donald J. Trump, named Leeza Gibbons as winner of season 7 of “The Celebrity Apprentice.” In the live finale, award-winning journalist, author, and talk show host Geraldo Rivera faced off against best-selling author and television icon Leeza Gibbons in the exciting boardroom conclusion held in New York City.

As “The Celebrity Apprentice” winner, Gibbons’ designated charity will receive the $250,000 prize, which will be added to the show’s $2 million total charity earnings for the season.
“We had an incredible season and an incredible set of players this year. However out of the 16 contestants Leeza clearly demonstrated that she had the ultimate skills necessary to be called the next Celebrity Apprentice,” said Mr. Trump. 
“Leeza is the the second woman to join the elite group of winners including Piers Morgan, Joan Rivers, Bret Michaels, John Rich, Arsenio Hall and Trace Adkins. I’d also like to congratulate Geraldo on his tremendous effort and impressive game play.”
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