Feb 23, 2015

Early Signs of Dementia - Problems with Balance, Changes in Gait, and Falling

In older adults, falls contribute to increased disability, premature nursing home placement, and injury related mortality.

By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

Early Signs of Dementia - Problems with Balance, Changes in Gait, and Falling
This research is important, and might be of great interest to you.

Please read this and remember these words: walking, balance, and gait. It is likely that many of us will observe these problems in the elderly in the future. You might make a dramatic difference in someone's life by committing this research to memory.

Both my sister and I noticed at least two years before before my mother was diagnosed with probable Alzheimer's, that when, my mother was walking on a hard floor her feet made a very distinctive "scraping sound". You couldn't miss it.

At the time, and when I mentioned this to friends, I received the usual comeback - she is just getting old.

I took her to the first of what become 4 doctors before we finally got to the bottom of the problem. Guess what her long time personal physician said - "She's just getting old". Guess what I said? You're fired.

Please take the time to read this important and informative research. You might want to consider sharing this with friends and others who have parents that are getting older.

Problems with Balance, Walking, Falling an Early Sign of Dementia

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