Jun 17, 2015

Is Alzheimer's driving you crazy

If a person living with Alzheimer's or dementia does the same thing over and over, isn't it normal? It is normal for them right? 

Complain a lot? About the same old things over and over? Do you ever get tired of listening to yourself? I did.

Does Alzheimer's driving you crazy

If a person living with Alzheimer's or dementia does the same thing over and over, isn't it normal? It is normal for them right? Did they do it before they were diagnosed? No?

Then you should be able to conclude that the problem is being caused by Alzheimer's. Yes or no?

Aha. So the behaviors are not really being done intentionally. They are being caused by illness - brain illness.

Would you get angry with a person living with cancer if they couldn't do certain things because of their illness? Probably not, you would probably feel compassion. Compassion is a nice word, Alzheimer's is nasty mean word.

Compassion can be defines as - sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others. Sympathetic another nice word.

Sympathetic can be defines as - feeling, showing, or expressing sympathy; or, pleasant or agreeable, in particular.

Compassionate, caring, concerned, empathetic, understanding, sensitive, consoling, comforting, supportive, encouraging; considerate, kind, tenderhearted.

Take a good look at those words. Do they describe the way you think and feel while caring for someone living with dementia?

Maybe, maybe not. It took me several years to get there. I had to practice every day.

By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

Here is a tip. When a person living with dementia is mean, ask yourself


If they start doing something over and over ask yourself

What time is it?

If is the same time every day you need to make sure you are doing something at that exact time of day or night. Try ice cream. I'm serious. My mother would go bonkers every night at 9:37 PM plus or minus a few minutes. I mean every night.

What did I do? About 9:15 I would get her up, guide her to the bathroom, help her get her pajamas on, and then take her to the kitchen table, sit her down, and serve up some ice cream. Guess what" She stopped driving me nutty at 9:37 PM. Translation: I stopped pulling my hair out, and stopped feeling crazy at that time.

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