Jul 28, 2015

Price of Namenda Drops by 96 Percent (Generic)

The price of Memantine the generic form of the best selling Alzheimer's drug Namenda has fallen in price by 96 percent and is now available in pharmacies.

by Alzheimer's Reading Room

The generic for Namenda is now available in pharmacies. A happy day for the caregivers of persons afflicted with Alzheimer's and dementia worldwide. The price for 90 tablets has fallen from $1129.92 to $46.69.

Please spread this news in the Alzheimer's and dementia related communities.

The above screen shot is from the Costco Pharmacy. You do not have to be a CostCo member to purchase the drug. Costco also has an online pharmacy so you can order the drug and receive it via mail.

Please Note: You will have to ask your doctor for a new prescription. If you fail to do this you might end up paying the higher price - $1129.92 versus $46.69 for 90 tablets.

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