Sep 25, 2015

Dementia Patients Connect to Music and Reconnect to Tunes of Their Youth

I read this story and I loved it - Alzheimer's patients reconnect to tunes of their youths. So I decided to bring it to your attention.

This is a good example of how using students, high quality information about music and how it affects dementia patients, and community effort, could make a difference with those living with Alzheimer's disease and dementia.

I hope you will read it, share it, and send it to your local high school principal. Or, send it to a caring teacher if you know one.

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Excerpts from this wonderful story that appeared in the Napa Valley Register.
As they listened to their favorite songs with headphones, Alzheimer’s and dementia participants at Napa Valley Hospice and Adult Day Services began nodding their heads and tapping their feet to the music. 
One woman, looking radiantly happy, danced as she sang along with the voices of Johnny Cash and June Carter coming from an iPhone: “We got married in a fever hotter than a pepper sprout …”
A group of 12 student volunteers from SuzAnne Regalia’s “Voices in American Culture” class at New Technology High School were at the facility earlier this month, creating personal musical playlists for people suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia. 
When people with these conditions hear a melody connected with a meaningful memory, they can reconnect to life, said Adult Day Services program director Celine Regalia. People who have not spoken in years may sing lyrics. Some may regain their ability to converse and connect to those around them, she said.

Read the story and learn more -

Alzheimer's patients reconnect to tunes of their youths


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