Nov 29, 2015

Are Alzheimer’s Association Chapters Ready to Split from the National Organization?

The Alzheimer's Association is trying to enact a merger agreement among its 54 affiliates that would transfer their operational authority and financial oversight to the national headquarters in Chicago.

Are Alzheimer’s Association Chapters Ready to Split from the National Organization?

The issue - give up local control to the national organization, or split from the Alzheimer's Association and go it alone.

I just finished reading a excellent article in the San Diego Union-Tribune that does an excellent job of framing the issues.

"In recent months, affiliates have been scrutinizing their national parent organization’s tax filings.

Some have noted that the headquarter group’s spending on research grants has dropped from $28 million in 2007 to $13 million in 2013. 
They also have complained about the compensation for chief executive Harry Johns, which totaled $2.8 million in 2012. And they have criticized the growth of the national staff’s payroll — from $18 million in 2005 to more than $45 million in 2013
Local chapters send 40 percent of all undesignated donations to the national coffers. Donors can request that 100 percent of their contributions got to local causes, or they can specify that all of their money be dedicated to a particular program or service."
In San Diego the Alzheimer's Association affiliate has a great deal at stake - including questions about the future of a special caregiver-support program it runs, a $1 million donation it received recently for training and outreach, and its leading role in a groundbreaking initiative that has united scientists, patient advocates, philanthropists and lawmakers in raising regional awareness of Alzheimer’s.
Given what we’ve seen from national, we’re not confident they could do justice to, or replicate, what we’re doing in San Diego,” John Nienstedt said.
What do you think?

Read a more in depth article on the issues -

Thanks to Paul Sisson and the San Diego Union-Tribune for framing these issues for us.

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