Dec 20, 2015

11 Great Tips for Caregivers and Families During the Holiday Season

It is that time of the year, lot's of family gatherings and decisions to make.

Caregivers often have feelings of trepidation during the Holidays. Take a deep breath this is normal. We all know how this feels.

Everything is going to work out fine if you keep a good positive attitude, trust yourself, and use your brain. You know what to do and you know how to do it.

By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

Here are a few important custom searches, and additional information, I have put together for you. This will help you not only during the Holidays but all year round

Please read them. And please know this, I believe in you, and I know you can do it.

1. The Role of Touching in Alzheimer's Care and Communication

 The Role of Reassurance in Dementia Care

 Communication with an Alzheimer's Patient

 Coping with Dementia

Here is the scenario you are conflicted about going to a big family gathering because you don't know whether your loved will like it, or act out; and, you worry that as soon as you get there they will want to go home.

It happens.

5.  Avoid Over Stimulation

If there is going to be a lot of people around consider using the kitchen table as home base. This is a nice friendly place for them to interact. Get them a cup or coffee, and if the going get rough give them a little bit of ice cream or something sweet.

Every family has a good "yakker". Someone who just knows how to talk to a person living with dementia and bring them into the world of socialization. Use that person, or those person. Once they get on a roll everything will go nicely.

Just remember, you can control the environment by moving your loved one to another place. They are not a "killjoy", they are simply a person living with dementia.

6. Kids

I'm tempted to go blah blah blah when it comes to kids. No need, most kids are the best. However, if they are going to act like a pack of wild Indians avoid that area and get your loved one out and away from them pronto (I understand the words "wild Indians" may be politically incorrect in this day an age).

Don't start the blame game. Kids will be kids. And persons living with dementia don't deal well with over stimulation. It is just too much to handle. Don't blame. Make the necessary change. Did I mention ice cream - the magic elixir?

7. Dealing with anxiety or that look they get on their face.

Ever felt anxiety or stress when in an uncomfortable surrounding or place. I have. We all feel anxiety at times. This can easily happen to a person living with dementia.

Deal with it, don't get all discombobulated (I did from time to time).

Nothing beats reassurance and touch when it comes to dementia care. The smile, the head hug, and just good old nonverbal communication.

Try reading this article to get the hang of what I am trying to say.

8. Fragile Mom, Living with Dementia, Wants to Go Home

Don't forget.

9. Always Be Kinder Than You Feel

10. Be a Guide Not a Bad Parent

11. An Alzheimer's Communication Tip - No More Blah Blah Blah

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