Jan 1, 2016

Can a Dementia Patient Remember an Act of Kindness

Another New Year. Happy 2016. I hope each and everyone of you has the best year possible.

Can a Dementia Patient Remember an Act of Kindness | Alzheimer's Reading Room

Can a person living with Alzheimer's remember an act of kindness? Yes they can.

By Bob DeMarco

On New Year's eve 2010 I asked Dotty, do you want to go downtown for the fireworks tonight? Dotty responded, remember that women that gave me the chair the last time we went down to the fireworks?

Yikes. That was at 11:50 PM on New Year's Eve -- December 31, 2009.

Can a dementia patient remember an act of kindness?

Here is the background story.

I could no longer take Dotty into the tennis stadium where they have the fireworks on New Year's Eve in Delray Beach. However, I found an empty grass lot right adjacent to the tennis stadium and I decided we could park on the lot and watch the fireworks from that area.

I don't know why, but nobody parks in that lot. Well put it this way, nobody parks in that lot until they see me do it. And then they get the courage.

Oddly, we had a better view of the fireworks from that location than the people in the stadium. In fact one year when it was windy, the casings from the fireworks were raining down on us. That is how close we were to the actual fireworks.

We parked and Dotty and I jumped out of the car and walk about 30 feet to get a birds eye view of the fireworks. Lo and behold, a young woman and her husband come walking along with two beach chairs. They ask, is this a good spot to watch the fireworks? I tell them, the best. They open up the chairs and take a seat. About 30 seconds goes by and the woman gets up and insists that Dotty sit in her chair. Insists. Dotty takes a seat and is one happy camper.

Meanwhile, I am thinking, what the is wrong with the guy. He doesn't even bother to offer his wife his seat. He never did.

Women, the best, what can I say. Men, well I am one so lets just leave it at that.

What is the moral of this story?

One year after it happened Dotty remembered this act of kindness.

This indicated to me that Dotty's brain was still working better than I thought.

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