Feb 20, 2016

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Did you know that we have over 5,000 articles, and have addressed thousands of issues and problems that Alzheimer's and dementia caregivers face each day?

Having a problem you can find the solution in the Alzheimer's Reading Room.

If you are having a problem and need some advice you can probably find the solution here in the Alzheimer's Reading Room.

This can be accomplished by using our Google Custom Search Engine. It works just like Google Search. The difference is when you search it only searches articles that have already been published in the ARR.

So instead of millions of possibilities the search is limited to the advice and insight we have right here. The Alzheimer's Reading Room has published daily since July, 2009. So it is likely that you have missed many of best and most valuable articles.

If you look over to the right hand side of any page here, this is what you will see.

Search the Alzheimer's Reading Room for Answers to your Questions about Alzheimer's and dementia

Click the link above and give it a try.

You can click the link on the sidebar anytime you are looking for help. You can enter a list of words, or even ask a question.

Here is an example of a search. Search - How do you get a person living with Alzheimer's to cooperate. And here is the custom search result you will receive.

Custom Search - How do you get a person living with Alzheimer's to cooperate

You will receive 10 articles on the first page. You can also get additional information by clicking the little numbers at the bottom of the page for a potential of 100 articles.

Here is a very useful way to use the custom search feature.

Did you know you can copy the headline of any article here and paste it into the search box to get additional information and articles? For example. Let's use this article - An Alzheimer's Communication Tip - No More Blah Blah Blah. Check out the result, and the additional useful information that is already available.

Custom Search - An Alzheimer's Communication Tip - No More Blah Blah Blah

You can also ask us a question at any time.

Send your question to alzheimersread@gmail.com. Please put the word - Question - in the subject box of the email. I get more email than you could imagine. So if you use the word question in the subject box I will probably get to it sooner.

If we don't have something that covers the issue that you need help with, we will try to get someone who has solved the problem to write a new article for us. Or, I'll send you a useful custom search.

Did you know that the Alzheimer's Room Reading has been ranked number one in the Alzheimer's and education space for 5 straight years? Our Google Plus page is also ranked number one in Health by WEGO Health+Alzheimer's Reading Room .

If you know someone who needs help or advice please send them quick link to our email subscriber page. Or, share it in a support group or on Facebook. The service is free. Just copy and paste it.

Bob DeMarco is the Founder of the Alzheimer's Reading Room (ARR).

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