Feb 17, 2016

Caregivers Accomplish More Than They Imagine

If you are caring for someone with Alzheimer's or a related dementia let me make this simple

It isn't easy to care for a person living with Alzheimer's

You are a Wonderful Person!

*Caring - the art, work and practice of looking after someone who is unable to care for themselves.

*Wonderful - inspiring, important, worthy of admiration and respect, an extremely good person.

*Magnificent - great in deed, noble, exalted, extraordinarily fine, very impressive.

*The One - a certain special kind of individual, unique, a person of destiny, a person who experiences life at a very high level of station and meaning.

For some reason most caregivers never focus in on the magnitude of their accomplishment.

You Care!

Can everyone you know say that?

The fact that you care makes you a ONE. And more often than I would like to admit when it comes to Alzheimer's or dementia you are the ONLY ONE. The only one who honestly and truthfully through their actions cares.

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Perhaps you don't realize it but you are operating at a very high station in life. Your life has meaning and purpose.

Where would your loved one be without you? What would their life be like without you?

You are caring for someone who is so fragile, a person who needs you so much that it really can't be described in words.

Has anyone ever said, "They don't know how you do it?" This alone should tell you how very hard it is to do what you are in fact doing - day after day.

So let me make this simple.

1. You care.

2. You are wonderful.

3. You life is meaningful and purposeful.

4. And at the end of day, you will have accomplished more with your life than most people could ever imagine.

What is life really all about? Is it about the search for meaning and purposefulness?

When you care, honestly and truthfully care, your life is rich in experience.

Magnificent in fact.

I want you to go stand in front of a mirror. Put your arms up. Way up. Get up on the balls of your feet. Stretch up as high as you can. Smile. Look at yourself. That's you.

How does it feel?

You are a Super Star in the game called Life.

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