Mar 27, 2016

Public Outrage Forces CEO to Drop Lawsuit Against 93 Year Old Alzheimer's Patient

Ruth Sanders Alzheimer's Patient Dallas | Alzheimer's Reading Room

Alls well that ends well.

But not before mean spirited, greedy, Henry S. Miller CEO Greg Miller threatened to back out of the deal unless he was assured a guarantee of good press coverage of their “friendly settlement.”

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Let's start by thanking Avi Selk, Sarah Mervosh, and Julieta Chiquillo of the Dallas Morning News for bringing this story into the light and into the hearts and minds of the "public".

Yesterday I wrote - 93-year-old with Alzheimer's being sued by Dallas Real Estate Firm

The story was about how a means spirited real estate company in Dallas was suing a 93 year old Alzheimer's patient in Dallas.

The CEO of Henry S Miller agreed to drop the suit due to the public outrage in Dallas.

Sadly, the "idiot" CEO threatened to walk out on the deal if his demand of "good press" was not met by the family.

So more or less, he turned what looked like a "good deed" and public relations coup for his company into nothing more than a business deal designed to save the company bacon.

I was happily and merrily reading the story until I got to the part where mean spirited CEO Greg Miller more or less destroyed his own reputation by making a demand, and then packing up his papers and threatening to leave. He claimed that his company had been "smeared in the press".

Here is an interesting quote from the Greg Miller's brother, Vaughn,

“I’m embarrassed and ashamed for the members of my family that run Henry S Miller today.”

Hey Vaughn, maybe the company needs a new CEO.

So anyway if you go read the latest story in the Dallas Morning News you are going to learn the following

  • Alls Well That Ends Well
  • Ruth Sanders is having a very Happy Easter
  • And, Henry S Miller CEO Greg Miller somehow managed to tarnish even further his already tarnished reputation.

Bearing cupcakes, Henry S. Miller CEO offers to drop suit against Alzheimer’s patient

The comments under this newest article in the Dallas Morning News are pretty good and indicate the public disdain for Miller. You might want to go and take a look, and write your own comment.

Here's a picture of Dotty and the Easter Bunny.

Dotty and the Easter Bunny | Alzheimer's Reading Room

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to Ruth and Leena Sanders.

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