Mar 26, 2016

93-year-old with Alzheimer's being sued by Dallas Real Estate Firm - This could be one of us!

I'm angry. I'm sad. And, my heart hurts.

I'm sending you over to a story I read in the Dallas Morning news (below), but all I keep thinking is - this could have been me, it could be you.

It could have been My Mom.

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Ruth Mae Sanders is 93 years old and lives with Alzheimer's. In 2012, she signed a deal with a real estate company to sell her home. The house never sold.

Now the real estate company wants $53,700,  no make that $125,000 in commissions and fees. Up and up.

All the names of the players are available in the article if you would like to take some action. There are also 181 comments. If you decide to read them make sure you have a waste paper basket available. You might vomit. Of course, some of them are loving, caring and kind.

Failed sale of historic home lands 93-year-old with Alzheimer's in legal fight with Dallas brokerage


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