Apr 25, 2016

You Tell Me Alzheimer's Is Horrible and Hopeless Its Time For Us to Do Something About It Vote

As I travel across the country I meet Alzheimer's caregivers - they often feel the situation is hopeless.

As I travel across the country I meet Alzheimer's caregivers - they often feel the situation is hopeless.

When I go out at night I almost always meet someone that has completed the long journey that starts with a diagnosis of Alzheimer's or a related dementia. The word I hear most often from those that have completed the journey - horrible.

To this day every time I hear the words hopeless and horrible my heart hurts. It is like each person is pinching my heart.

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Alzheimer's is Everywhere

Alzheimer's is clearly a social epidemic.

Alzheimer's is an economic disaster.

Yet as a country we remain in a state of denial.

  • We are throwing pennies at research for an effective treatment for a disease that is going to cost the American taxpayer Trillions of dollars.
  • We are doing next to nothing in helping Alzheimer's caregivers to understand, cope, and learn how to care for their loved one's at home.
  • We the taxpayers and caregivers are spending more than 18.1 Billion hours a year caring for our loved one's. We are willing to do our part, why can't we get any real help.
The Internet is very powerful. Bernie Sanders proved it. Over 6,000,000 individual donations.

I wonder what would happen if we sent 6,000,000 emails to our elected officials in Congress?

I guess we are too lazy. Well one thing for sure - I'll be writing this same article next year if we don't take action.

How about we send an email to our Senators and Representatives.

Try this (copy and paste).

The country is in a state of denial when it comes to Alzheimer's disease. Alzheimer's is going to bankrupt our country if we don't find an effective treatment or cure. Caregivers need help - particularly education to help care for their loved one.

From now on I am voting for Alzheimer's regardless of party affiliation.

If you want my vote do something about it!

To reach your United States Senator go here.

Look up in the top right hand corner for "Find Your Senator". Click on the State. Walla. Hit the contact button. Copy and Paste. Send. Easy.

House of Representatives same drill - go here.

Alzheimer's caregivers and their families must be the biggest group of complainers in the World. Don't get insulted that statement included me until today.

No longer. I sent my emails. You know what? It made me feel good. I actually had to send one to Marco Rubio.

It is time for us to Unite. Just like our brothers and sister did with Breast Cancer and HIV. We have one weapon available. Our Vote. Nothing scares a politician more than the thought that we might "gang up on them."

Its up to us to start the Movement. Use the email I wrote and send it. Or sit on your duff and we can just keep on complaining.

Share this with everyone you know and in support groups. Keep asking if they sent the email.

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