Jun 24, 2018

Alzheimer's Reading Room Testimonials

Alzheimer's Reading Room Testimonials

Ranked #1 by Healthline in the Best Alzheimer's Blogs - 2012 - 2018

"The Alzheimer’s Reading Room is what it claims to be – and more."
"This comprehensive site is run by full-time caregiver and gifted advocate Bob DeMarco. 
Filled with wonderful contributions from a variety of talented writers, this site offers everything you need to know about the challenge of caregiving, learning about your loved one’s condition, and taking care of yourself as well. 
Thanks to the tireless efforts of everyone at the Alzheimer’s Reading Room, you have a go-to place for advice, education, and an occasional laugh. Stop by, and start feeling empowered to handle life as a caregiver."


"The Alzheimer’s Reading Room is clearly one of the most informative and unbiased Alzheimer’s blogs. Bob DeMarco provides information on all things Alzheimer’s."
"The blog covers the spectrum on Alzheimer’s issues, featuring everything from critical advice from someone who is on the front line caring for a loved one with the disease, to translating and reporting on the science and research that is leading the way to a cure".
"The Alzheimer's Reading Room and Bob DeMarco are true treasures to Alzheimer's patients and their loved ones, especially their caregivers. As a scientist I visit the site every day for the always current research updates."
"The world is incredibly fortunate to have this endless source of information and support. God bless you, Bob, and thanks for all you do!"

Rudy Tanzi
Time Magazine's 100 most influential people in the world. Professor of Neurology and holder of the Joseph P. and Rose F. Kennedy Endowed Chair in Neurology at Harvard University.

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"All of us in the Alzheimer’s community are fortunate that Bob has taken on this important work. At Cure Alzheimer’s Fund, we encourage people to follow the Alzheimer's Reading Room; and, we rely on it ourselves to stay up to date and in touch."
Tim Armour
President of Cure Alzheimer’s Fund

"Without a doubt, you were the most sensational, inspirational speaker ever!
"Caregivers can relate to your message because it truly comes from your heart and your personal experience; and caregivers need to know that others have done it and survived."
"You’re a joy to be around, your enthusiasm is infectious. Caregivers continue to this day (2 months since your presentation) to comment on how helpful your presentation was. Many have commented on trying some of your suggestions and being thrilled with the outcomes."
"Thank you for highlighting caregiving, giving it the notoriety it deserves."
"You have so much more to offer caregivers than I think you realize."
"Thank you for sharing. Please keep up the good work, caregivers need to hear your stories, they lend meaning to the intense tasks of constant caring!"

 Janet Steiner, Director
Brevard Alzheimer's Foundation

Bob you are really remarkable. The articles in the Alzheimer's Reading Room are allowing me and my husband to live our lives again. 
Susan Lay

"With Alzheimer’s Reading Room, Bob DeMarco shares not only his own journey as a loving Alzheimer’s caregiver but also his remarkable gift for curating, storytelling, discovery, scientific curiosity and practical wisdom."
"The Alzheimer’s Reading Room is the internet’s top resource, and it should be the first “prescription” for anyone facing this challenge."
Jack Barrette CEO, WEGO Health


"Bob DeMarco knows what he's talking about. Not only was he the primary caregiver for his mother with Alzheimer's, but he put in the time and dedication it took to learn more about dementia. It's clear that this lit a fire in him, and it's a fire that you can't find elsewhere on the Web. 
Alzheimer's Reading Room is an online library on dementia care. If you need to know about it, you'll find it here."
Rachael Wonderlin, author of "When Someone You Know is Living in a Dementia Care Community" and founder of the blog, Dementia By Day.

"I now include the Alzheimer's Reading Room in my list of caregiver resources for every dementia patient I work with. My colleagues are doing the same. The ARR is a fantastic resource. The writing is clear and jargon-free. The many experts who contribute to this site also keep the content up-to-date and useful."
Rita Jablonski-Jaudon, Director, National Hartford Center of Geriatric Nursing Excellence at UAB

"The Alzheimer's Reading Room is the one place on the Internet, and in the world, where those who are searching for information, encouragement and guidance can find the help they need from people who completely understand their questions and their journey".
Tom and Karen Brenner, Montessori Gerontologists, Brenner Pathways
"This is a powerful and touching story. You are noble both for finding and utilizing these poignantly human strategies that work but also for sharing what you have learned with so many who need what you have to give". 
Anthony Polk, Senior Advocates Network

The Award Winning Alzheimer’s Reading Room Knowledge Base is considered to be the highest quality, deepest collection, of information on Alzheimer’s and dementia in the world.
The Knowledge Base is easy to use and easy to search. It is ideal for caregivers, educators, and dementia care professionals.

Need Help? Search Our Award Winning Knowledge Base for Answers to Your Questions About Alzheimer's and Dementia

"Your heartfelt sharing of your personal insights garnered as the sole caregiver of your mother Dotty has become a body of information and inspiration that every caregiver should embrace". 
Your realization that it was you that must change to be a successful caregiver is paramount among them. The useful way you've organized the website's information is remarkable, and the search tool makes it even more useful". 
Jay Smith
"As a professional serving the Alzheimer's Care community, it is imperative to have resources at my fingertips. The ARR gives me that and more. It touches every facet and touchstone of care. From the latest research to the most sensitive care issues".
"The ARR is more than a link, it is real life care. Dotty is a great teacher. Bravo Bob and the ARR. You and Dotty have come to the rescue".
P.K. Beville, Second Wind Dreams
"I turn to the Alzheimer's Reading Room for advice, for suggestions, for news of developments in the field every single day. The job of giving care for a loved one with Alzheimer's is daunting. It's a little less so because of the reassurance and positive reinforcement ARR provides".
"I've shared the Alzheimer's Reading Room with respite caregivers and day program staff, family members and friends. We help one another see the possibilities in giving care to our loved ones through the methods and perspectives provided here".
"This community has a rare uplifting impact in our daily lives, and we're grateful to Bob for what he's creating".
 Pamela R. Kelley

"Alzheimer’s Reading Room is an invaluable resource for caregivers looking to gain advice from an expert caregiver. 
Bob was able to make the best of a terrible situation with his mother dealing with Alzheimer’s, and he is continuing to help out other caregivers to this day so that they can take real, effective advice and make their situation better for their loved ones. 
He is also a big advocate for finding effective medicine and solutions to help treatments for this devastating disease. He is very knowledgeable on both the appropriate treatments through medicine and the appropriate approach from an emotional standpoint. 
The number of people that he has helped deal with Alzheimer’s is exponential." 
 Chirag PatelBioclinica

I just wanted to thank you for this helpful website. I used it so much during my eight years of taking care of my dad, who just passed away on July 2,( 91 1/2 years old) peacefully and at home with me. It was through this website I was able to get so much information and that just really helped me take care of my dad and I didn't have to put him in a nursing facility. We had a wonderful relationship til the end. Thank you so much Bob and everyone that contributes to this site. God Bless you all. May we find a cure for this disease, hopefully soon!
Pennye Rinearson


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