May 4, 2016

New Game Designed to Help Detect Changes in the Brain and Dementia

Sea Hero Quest is a new multi-platform mobile game designed to help advance the understanding of spatial navigation in the brain, and the understanding of one of the first symptoms of dementia.

Dementia research targets the brain's navigational system.
Sea Hero Quest is a very hot topic around the world, and I wanted to bring it to you attention.

Researchers have engineered a new game that is designed to speed up the way that dementia research is being done.

The game lets players sail around the world in search of artifacts. These artifacts are in the form of memories.

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Anyone can play.

Looking for Answers? You might find them here.

Scientists intend to use the data generated from the game to gain insight into your spatial navigation abilities -- one of the first skills lost at the onset of dementia.

The initial goal is to gain a better understanding of healthy brains, and try to establish what is a 'normal' pattern of behavior.

By playing the game you will be helping scientists to better understand the brain. And, then to establish guidelines to spot dementia very early on in its development.

Here is an excellent 2 minute description of the Project - Sea Hero Quest

Sea Hero Quest

The site is being heavily visited right now so it might be slow to load - be patient.

Download Now: Apple Store Google play

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