Feb 2, 2017

Brought to Our Senses

This is suggested reading for everyone who is engaged in caregiving for a loved one with a dementia.

Suggested reading for everyone who is engaged in caregiving for a loved one with a dementia.
By Carole Larkin
Alzheimer's Reading Room

Oh no, I thought. Why did I agree to review still another book written by a caregiver of someone with Alzheimer’s disease? I’m up to my ears with the same old, same old. But I said that I’d do it, so I plunged in.

I'm glad I did. The cover of the book says that it’s a novel, and so it is. It’s truly a story, and a story well written, using novelist’s literary conventions.

I was engaged in the story, reading it quickly. That’s saying a lot, because I know the story oh so well, having helped families dealing with dementia for a dozen years now.

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I’ve handled so many cases with siblings at each other’s throats while trying to deal with a parent’s progression through a dementia. So, yes, I’m familiar with Kathleen’s premise. But her style of character development and her storytelling kept me reading away.

You know the thing I like best about this book, aside from the characters and the story? Kathleen respects the intelligence of her readers. She lets the reader figure out their own takeaway lessons from reading her book.

Hers is not the typical “preach and teach” caregiver’s story. You know the “I did it this way. You should learn from me. My successes and mistakes will guide you.” There are plenty of those books out there, but this is NOT one of them. Thank God!

This is just a plain old good read. I suggest reading it to all thinking people (with siblings) who are engaged in caregiving a loved one with a dementia.

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"A profound analysis of complicated family dynamics that should appeal to caregivers seeking inspiration and solace in their own lives ... Wheeler's gripping novel is ambitious in the way it tackles the heavy subject matter of losing a parent to Alzheimer's disease." --Kirkus Reviews ..". 
Brought to Our Senses is one of the most true-to-life, gripping accounts on the complexities of interconnected family relationships that has appeared in recent years ... Very highly recommended as a striking jewel that is a glowing standout from the growing stack of dementia fiction sagas."
--D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review
"In Brought to Our Senses, Wheeler tackles a very sensitive and personal topic with both compassion and pragmatism. Alzheimer's has been called "the long goodbye," and while that is unfortunately true, in the case of the Kraus family, the disease brings about some much-needed healing and new beginnings." 
--Sara Hodon, Compulsive Reader

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