Jan 30, 2018

Bill Gates Reveals His Father is Living with Alzheimer's Disease

Bill Gates has revealed for the first time that his father is living with Alzheimer's.

Bill Gates has revealed for the first time that his father is living with Alzheimer's.
By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

Alzheimer's knows no boundaries. Glen Campbell, Pat Summitt, Ronald Reagan, Sargent Shriver (Maria Shriver's dad), Rita Hayworth, my mom Dotty, your loved one. No boundaries.

Previously I wrote, Bill Gates Invests $100 Million into Alzheimer's Research; and, now we know the catalyst of his decision. See Bill Gates talk with Maria Shriver at the bottom of this article.

Along with this article I decided to include some of the articles I wrote previously that I hope you will both read and share in the Alzheimer's community.

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